Do you wonder why your auto mechanic kept on telling you that you should never overlook your car ignition system? Well, here's the answer. Your car ignition system is very essential to the proper operation of your car's engine, actually an important part of the overall engine system. It provides for the timely burning of the fuel mixture within the engine. So keeping it well maintained will help you keep your vehicle on the road longer.

But for your ignition system to function at its best, it should be outfitted with components that will work all together to achieve its purpose. The spark plugs, the ignition wires and coil, and the distributor makes up the whole ignition system. Among these parts, it is the distributor that is said to be the central component of your Cadillac ignition system. The main purpose of your Cadillac distributor is to distribute pulses of high voltage current from the ignition coli to the individual engine spark plugs in the proper firing order.

Superb power and performance can be achieved if your Cadillac distributor is free from damaged. But you know that all auto parts are subject to wear and tear. Aside from aging and constant use, the arcing of voltage pulses from the rotor tip to the spark plug contacts would also cause the distributor cap and rotor to deteriorate early.

So if lately, you have noticed that your car's engine has been running poorly, perhaps some of your Cadillac ignition system components are damaged. If in case you found out that it is your Cadillac distributor that is causing the problem, have it replaced right away because malfunctioning Cadillac distributors may cause a lot of problem in the operation of your vehicle. Get your replacement needs here at Parts Train. With our wide array of Cadillac distributors, you'll never run out of options.