Many vehicles on the streets these days still utilize a distributor which operates via chained and timed delivery of sparks to fire the cylinders. Your Buick Super distributor is ready to do that, thanks to the two main elements - the rotor and the cap - which rely on each other to supply the current required to start your engine.

A malfunctioning distributor can be solved at once because compared to other elements, it always shows signs and symptoms that pinpoint your distributor or ignition so they are easily discernable. Among the symptoms that the specific distributor of your Buick Super is already damaged are problems in starting the vehicle particularly in cold weather, unexplained wiggling which can vary from slight vibrations to apparent banging, and also squealing noise which is usually high-pitched. Before getting a new one, it's good to try to recover the distributor's function by thoroughly cleaning it; however, if it doesn't work, you have no choice but to purchase a fresh one.

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