Even though it is now substituted by modern ignition, you may still find lots of vehicles these days that use the distributor that fires cylinders via on time transmission of sparks. The Buick Skylark distributor is able to carry that out, many thanks to its key parts - the cap and the rotor - which count on each other to supply the voltage needed to start the engine.

A bad distributor could be remedied right away because compared to other parts, it usually demonstrates symptoms that are associated with ignition making them easily recognizable. One of the indicators that the distributor of your Buick Skylark is already damaged are problems in starting your vehicle specifically on colder days, inexplicable shaking which could range from moderate vibration to noticeable shaking, and squealing sound which is typically high-pitched. Before getting a new one, it's good to attempt to recover the distributor's performance by cleaning it thoroughly; however, whether or not this does not work, you have no option but to purchase a new one.

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