Most vehicles on the streets these days still use a distributor which performs through timed and sequenced delivery of sparks to fire the engine cylinders. Your Buick Rendezvous distributor is able to do just that, thanks to the two main elements - the rotor and the cap - which rely on each other to deliver the electricity required to start your engine.

One of the benefits of such sort of ignition is, it's easy to determine if the distributor starts to malfunction since the indicators it gives you are related to the vehicle's ignition. One of the indicators that the distributor in your Buick Rendezvous is defective are difficulty in activating the vehicle especially during cold weather, unexplained banging that may vary from slight vibration to evident banging, and squealing noise which is usually high-pitched. You can try to clean up your distributor cap first and notice if such signs go away after that; once they still appear, replacement will be the best answer.

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