Though it currently is superceded by new ignition mechanism, you may still find many automobiles these days that use a distributor that fires cylinders through timed transmission of sparks. Your Buick Regal distributor will not be efficient at doing that if its parts including the distributor cap and the rotor aren't in tiptop shape since they are the ones which work very hard to transport current from the coil into the appropriate cylinder.

One of the benefits of this type of ignition is, it's easy to determine if the distributor is starting to fail as the signals it gives you are linked to your ride's ignition. One of the indicators that the specific distributor in your Buick Regal is defective are difficulty in starting the vehicle especially during winter, unexplained shaking which can range from moderate vibrations to noticeable banging, and also squealing sound that's normally high-pitched. You can try to clean the distributor cap first and notice if these signals vanish right after; if they continue to show up, then replacement is the most effective answer.

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