Car enthusiasts always look for ways on how to make more power without spending too much of money. Installing carburetors and intake manifolds, cam swaps are some of the ways these car aficionados do in their quest for power. But how often do these car aficionados take a good look at their vehicle's ignition system for performance improvements? The truth is, they don't look at it often enough.

Yes, that's a fact. But for those car owners, who know how their ignition system works, they do whatever it takes just to make sure that their ignition system and its parts are free from harm to maintain the engine's superb performance. One of the most important components in the ignition system is the distributor. The distributor is that particular ignition system device that distributes, in the correct firing order, pulses of high-voltage electricity to the spark plugs in the engine's cylinders.

On older distributor-type ignition systems, there is another mechanism on the bottom half of the distributor controlling the timing of the high-voltage electric pulses. This mechanism includes the breaker point or contact point that opens and closes to barge in the battery current to the coil. But since spark timing is very critical to the engine's performance, modern distributor systems have substituted the said mechanism with a transistor controlled by the engine control unit computer or ECU.

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