The BMW distributor lies in the combustion engine. The function of which is to route the high voltages into its proper firing order for them to be able to successfully reach the spark plugs. Do you know how the BMW distributor functions? First and foremost, the rotating arm or rotor placed inside the distributor cap and mounted just on top of the distributor shaft contacts the central high voltage cable from the coils through a spring that is loaded with carbon brush. Then, the rotors make contact with the high tension cables to the spark plugs of each of the cylinders. It is in this manner that the high voltage energy is able to jump the small gap from the rotating arm or rotor down to the contact.

Just like the rest of the distributors in any other automobile, the BMW distributor also cares for a centrifugal advance unit which is composed of a set of hinged weights which are all attached to the distributor shaft. This causes all breaker points to slightly rotate and then advance the spark timing. These days, modern engines are doing away with the distributor and coil and have now distributed the distributor's function to the primary circuit which electronically applies the pulses to the individual coils placed on top of the spark plugs. Ever felt irritated of going from store to store and wait in long lines for other customers?

BMW distributors must be kept in good working condition to ensure and continue the proper performance and function of the engine and related parts. The distributor may be a small part but it plays large role in the overall performance and function of the engine. A defective and damaged distributor will adversely affect the performance and reliability of the engine. A chain reaction of failures will ensue culminating in engine failure. You wouldn't want this to happen to you especially when you are in the middle of the road at night.

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