"Advantage through Technology"—that's the tagline of Audi. True to this tagline, almost all new Audi vehicles are beefed up with a lot of technologically advanced parts. These parts allow Audi vehicles to speed up fast and to rev up powerfully. These same parts also allow Audi vehicles to cruise smoothly. But how about if the Audi you own is an old one? What if the Audi you are driving is a classic vehicle that is equipped with an Audi distributor? Can you still say that the Audi tagline is true?

Many vehicle owners would despise their vehicle if it makes use of a distributor or a point type ignition system rather than the newer distributor-less or electronic ignition system. For them, distributors are very unreliable and if a vehicle is equipped with one, it is normal to expect some mysterious engine problems every once in a while. Well, these people have enough reason to believe so. After all, distributors are mechanical components, and when such components are subjected to too much stress, they would naturally wear out and deteriorate early.

But what are distributors and what are they used for? Distributors are ignition system components used on almost all vintage or classic vehicles and some late model vehicles. If your Audi was manufactured, say, before the 1980s, it probably is equipped with an Audi distributor. The primary function of the distributor is distribute pulses of high voltage current from the ignition coil to the individual engine spark plugs in the proper firing order. This function is basically performed by the distributor cap, which holds the contacts to the spark plugs, and the rotor, which is a rotating arm that is connected to the ignition coil. The rotor is housed under the distributor cap and distributes high voltage pulses whenever it passes close to a contact.

Another function of the Audi distributor, especially those found on much older Audi vehicles, is to actually trigger the ignition coil to release high voltage pulses. This function is basically performed by the breaker point unit at the bottom section of the distributor. This section is usually made up of breaker points, a distributor cam, a condenser, and adjusting crew and a cam follower.

Audi distributors may be considered as old technology today. They may also be despised because they are erratic at most times. But during those times when point type ignition systems were still widely used, Audi distributors are definitely considered as one of the best distributors ever used in a vehicle. And that should never change even if they are already out of style. That's the reason why here at Parts Train, we continue to offer high quality and reliable Audi distributors for owners of vintage and classic Audi vehicles.