Even though it is now substituted by contemporary ignition mechanism, you will find many automobiles nowadays that make use of the distributor which fires the cylinders by means of scheduled distribution of sparks. Your Acura Integra distributor is ready to do just that, many thanks to its key parts - the cap and the rotor - which count on each other to deliver the current required to start the engine.

A defective distributor could be solved right away since not like other components, it always shows symptoms that are associated with ignition making them easily discernable. One of the signs that the distributor in your Acura Integra is already damaged are problems in activating the vehicle specifically during cold weather, unexplained wiggling that may vary from mild rumbling to apparent banging, and also squealing sound that's usually high-pitched. You can seek to clean the distributor cap initially and notice if such signs vanish right after; once they still show up, then replacement will be the best remedy.

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