Car Diesel Injections

In a diesel engine, the task of delivering fuel straight to the cylinder falls on the diesel injector-one of the most complicated parts of the entire engine. A fully functioning injector is required for smooth engine operation and efficient combustion. With this important role, damage to the fuel injector caused by normal wear and tear and the extremely harsh conditions in the engine bay will not only affect the injector but the entire diesel injection process as well. As a result, your car's engine won't function properly because there isn't enough power to turn the wheels.

The injection process has been revised and experimented on ever since the diesel engine was introduced decades ago. The difference between the diesel engine and other engine systems is that fuel is directly injected into the cylinders so that the combustion process starts right away. In a car diesel injection, fuel is loaded into the cylinders in a fine mist during the intake stroke process and then compressed to create power. Basically, no injection ports or carburetors are used in the diesel engine.

For diesel injections to work, diesel engines use special induction valves, chambers, and many other devices so that efficient diesel combustion is achieved. Aside from that, some diesel engines are equipped with glow plugs so that the combustion chambers can be heated easily especially during cold weather. The glow plug is essentially an electrically heated wire that raises the temperature of the combustion chamber so that the diesel engine can start easily. Put it simply, the glow plug is the counterpart of the spark plugs in the diesel engine.

The signs of a faulty injector include difficult starting, hesitation during acceleration, and power loss-sometimes even complete engine shutdown. Most of the time, removing and cleaning the injector will be enough to fix this problem. When the injector is damaged beyond repair however, the best thing to do is to replace it immediately. Without a functional injector, there won't be any fuel reaching the cylinders at all, and that means diesel injections won't even happen to create the power that your car needs in order to run.

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