That big chunk of plastic that contains your vehicle meters and gauges concerning other stuff is called the dashboard. This large control panel of sorts is open to plenty of undesirable substances like filth and grime, which could cause ugly mishaps to its pristine surface. Keeping your automobile's dashboard fresh and well-maintained won't only better the appearance of your ride's cabin, but also improve its lifespan. The dash cover for your Porsche 914 automobile is the perfect option for full protection towards hazardous compounds which can easily scrape, damage or just Porsche 914 your dashboard appear dirty and awful. This accesory will absolutely match up well with any automobile. Pick from a wide array of colors, textiles and design combos to achieve that appearance you have always wanted to have in your dashboard.

Thanks to specialized fit, the dash cover guarantees the best fit to any Porsche 914 automobile; it fits so good, it looks like it came with the car or truck! This double-action accessory serves as both an look enhancer and a protective cover that will help sustain your vehicle's resale value by keeping your dash looking new. The installation of a dash cover on your Porsche 914dashboard is fast and easy, anybody could do it!

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