Your old, tarnished and tattered Pontiac Torrent dash cover has really got to go. Bear in mind your vehicle's dash cover is really a lot more than merely another decorative item-it actually guards your dash against damaging elements and Pontiac Torrents it last long. You can bet that your automobile's interior space will appear dull and the resale value of the entire car will get slashed if you do not have a suitable dash cover.

You have to think about many items when shopping for a new dash cover. Observe the dash cover's correspondence with the design of other items in the cabin of your Pontiac Torrent, for instance, the carpets and seat belts. Make sure the dashboard cover's fabric has sufficient friction so that your personal items, for instance your media player and shades don't slide down. The dash cover needs to be thick enough to sufficiently shield your dash's outer plastic and inner foam'cause these dampen the impact on your upper body during a collision. Getting a substandard dash cover would accelerate the decline of the Pontiac Torrent dashboard, which means you might get badly injured during a collision.

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