Your ancient, tarnished and tattered Mercury Milan dash cover should be discarded. The dashboard cover in your Mercury Milan is essential to your car because it really keeps your dash in fantastic form. Expect the vehicle's cabin to be utterly boring and the car's market value to plummet if you refuse to use a fine dashboard cover.

Buying a dash cover may seem to be a straightforward thing, however, you actually have a number of stuff to take into account. The dash cover should go well with your Mercury Milan cabin's style, so that it won't differ with other items such as the seat covers and carpets. Because you'll be placing a number of items on top of the dashboard cover, for instance, your eyeglasses and cell phone, its material must not be too smooth or such objects will fall off. You probably don't know that dash coverings are in fact designed to keep your dash's inner foaming and plastic exterior in their tip-top condition, because these protect your head any time a road collision occurs and your upper body violently hits the dash. Using a shoddy dash covering will speed up the deterioration of the Mercury Milan dash, which means you might get severely injured during a collision.

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