That huge slice of plastic that holds your vehicle's meters and gauges among other stuff is called the dashboard. Mainly because of the area it occupies inside your automobile's cabin, the dash panel is prone to wear and tear brought about by all types of crap. The state of a car or truck's interior has a big part in determining its resale price; that's why it pays to purchase an item that will help sustain its condition, as well as serve as eye candy. The Mercedes Benz C230 dash cover is a two-pronged defensive product for your dash; it gives exceptional protection while acting as an accessory that gives panache to your car or truck. This add-on appears so high-class on your dash panel, you would never believe that it also doubles as a defensive cover. Made available in a wide range of colors, fabrics and motif, it is challenging not to get a hold of that perfect Mercedes Benz C230 dash cover that will definitely complement your dashboard while acting as a resistive cover to stop annoying crap.

The dash cover will suit any Mercedes Benz C230 model; every one of them are custom made to go with the car or truck's dashboard flawlessly, making it a smooth accessory to your vehicle's interior. This multipurpose accessory serves as both an aesthetic enhancer and a defensive cover that will certainly help sustain your automobile's resale cost by keeping your dashboard looking new. Give your dash a fresh appearance immediately; setting up a dash cover on your Mercedes Benz C230 is a piece of cake, even the children could help you install it on the family vehicle.

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