That huge piece of plastic that displays your car or truck's meters and gauges among other stuff is called the dashboard. This large control panel of sorts is exposed to a lot of hazardous elements like dust and grime, which may result in unwanted mishaps to its flawless surface. Sustaining a fresh and organized dash panel doesn't only improve your car or truck's interior, it also preserves its condition. The dash cover for your Mercedes Benz 380sl automobile is the perfect choice for total defense to prevent harmful particles which could scratch, damage or easily Mercedes Benz 380sl your dash panel appear dirty and unpleasant. If you suspect that this item will cause your dashboard to seem unattractive and ugly, think again. With a broad range of textiles, shades, and motif to pick from, the Mercedes Benz 380sl dash cover is probably one of the best ways to improve the looks of your dash panel without unloading a huge chunk of moolah.

The dash cover will suit any Mercedes Benz 380sl model; each of them are custom made to fit the automobile's dash panel perfectly, making it a seamless accessory to your automobile's interior. These perfectly made protective cover would help increase your automobile's resale worth by helping keep your dashboard in spotless state. Give your dash a different appearance right away; the installation of a dash cover on your Mercedes Benz 380sl is a piece of cake, even the youngsters could help you set it on the family automobile.

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