That old, stained and damaged Mazda 3 dash cover should be discarded. Don't forget that the dashboard cover is more than just another decorative item-it protects your vehicle's dash against damaging elements and allows it to last longer. If you don't use a good dash cover, your interior will not only feel dull; the dash will even get damaged quicker, while your automobile's market value will fall.

There are numerous items to consider when choosing the best dash cover for your ride. The dashboard cover ought to match your Mazda 3 cabin's style, so that it won't disharmonize with some other accessories like the bucket seat covers and carpeting. Because you will be placing several items on the dash cover such as your shades and phone, its material should not be too smooth otherwise, these items will slide down. It's likely you aren't aware that dashboard covers are really made to keep the dashboard's inner foam and outer plastic in their excellent condition, as these protect you in case a collision happens and your body forcefully slams against the dashboard. Doing with a shoddy dash covering would surely accelerate the wearing out of the Mazda 3 dash, meaning, you might get severely hurt in the event of a road collision.

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