It's difficult to underestimate the importance of a vehicle's dashboard, partially because of the space it takes up inside the interior. It's, basically, the front section of a vehicle's interior and it's subjected to all variants of dust, filth and other harmful things. The condition of a vehicle's interior takes on a big role in calculating its resale worth; that's why it will pay to buy a product that will help sustain its state, as well as work as eye candy. The Isuzu Vehicross dash cover is a two-pronged defensive product for your dashboard; it delivers outstanding defense while acting as an accessory that gives panache to your vehicle. This product will certainly complement any car or truck. Select from a large selection of colors, textiles and style combos to achieve that feel you have always desired to have in your dash.

Thanks to tailor made styles, the dash cover ensures a perfect fit to any Isuzu Vehicross automobile; it fits so good, it seems like it came with the vehicle! This double-action product functions as both an aesthetic enhancer and a defensive cover that will help improve your automobile's resale value by keeping your dashboard looking new. The installation of a dash cover on your Isuzu Vehicrossdash is fast and easy, virtually anyone could do it!

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