When your old Fiat Brava dash cover looks obsolete and tattered at some parts, you must discard it. As it shields the dashboard against potentially damaging substances, the dashboard cover is a really important accessory for your Fiat Brava. Expect the vehicle's interior space to look completely bland and your ride's market value to plummet if you refuse to use an excellent dash cover.

You must think about a lot of items when choosing a new cover for the dashboard. The dashboard cover should complement your Fiat Brava interior's style, so it will never disharmonize with other accessories such as the bucket seat covers and carpets. Since you'll surely be putting in place a number of things atop the dash covering such as your sunglasses and phone, its material should not be excessively smooth otherwise, these things will fall off. One little known simple fact with regard to dashboard covers is that they protect the plastic exterior and foaming of the vehicle's dashboad, to Fiat Brava sure it stays sound in case there is a road accident wherein your head could suddenly strike it. A shoddy dashboard cover would allow UV rays and several other elements to damage the dash, making your Fiat Brava a bit more dangerous to use.

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