In case your old Dodge Ram 1500 dash cover looks old and is ripped at certain parts, you should just discard it. The dash covering in your Dodge Ram 1500 is extremely important to your ride as it keeps your dashboard in fantastic form. You can bet that your automobile's interior space will be looking dreary while the market value of the entire car will plummet if you refuse to use a good dashboard cover.

You have to consider several items when shopping for your next dash cover. Your dash cover should go well with your Dodge Ram 1500 interior's style, so it won't differ with other items such as the seat covers and carpeting. Ensure the dash covering's material has adequate friction so that your personal stuff like your mobile phone and shades don't fall off. One unknown basic fact about dash covers is they protect the plastic exterior and inner foam of the vehicle's dashboad, so it remains safe and sound in the event of a driving accident where your head may violently smash against it. A run-of-the-mill dash covering will allow UV rays and other substances to ruin the plastic and foaming, making your Dodge Ram 1500 a little more unsafe to drive.

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