This large slice of plastic that contains your vehicle's meters and gauges amongst other stuff is called the dashboard. Mainly because of the spot it takes up inside your vehicle's cabin, the dash panel is susceptible to wear and tear caused by all kinds of harmful elements. The condition of a automobile's interior takes on a major role in calculating its resale price; that's why it will pay to purchase a product that will help maintain its condition, as well as double as eye candy. The Chrysler Prowler dash cover is a dual-purpose defensive solution for your dash panel; it provides remarkable protection while acting as an accessory that provides class to your car or truck. This product will certainly complement any automobile. Offered in a variety of colors, fabrics and motif, it's impossible not to find that perfect Chrysler Prowler dash cover that will definitely enhance your dashboard while acting as a protective cover from unwanted dirt.

Credit goes to tailor made styles, the dash cover ensures the best fit to any Chrysler Prowler automobile; it fits so perfectly, it would seem like it was purchased with the vehicle! Aside from enhancing your vehicle's dash, it also protects the dashboard from unwanted elements that could scratch or wreck your dashboard, conserving its elegance and resale cost. Give your dash panel a new appearance right away; the installation of a dash cover on your Chrysler Prowler is fast and simple, even the children could help you put it on the family automobile.

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