You need to remove your factory Chevrolet Cavalier dash cover if it is really worn and tattered. Remember that the dash covering is really a lot more than merely another decorative item-it protects your dashboard from destructive substances and helps it last longer. Expect your vehicle's interior space to appear totally boring and also the ride's value to significantly drop if you refuse to use a good dashboard cover.

There are several things to consider when selecting the right dashboard covering for your vehicle. As regards style, you will get the finest results if you choose a dash covering that fits well with other accessories in the car's interior space, including your Chevrolet Cavalier center console and seat covers. Make sure the dash cover's material has enough friction, so your personal possessions such as your media player and shades don't slide down. One unknown fact about dash coverings is that these safeguard the outer plastic and inner foam of the vehicle's dashboad, so it stays safe in case of an accident when your head could forcefully smash against it. A run-of-the-mill dash covering will let harmful sun's rays and several other substances to destroy the plastic and foaming, making your Chevrolet Cavalier a little more risky to drive.

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