Without question, the most essential gasket you can see in your vehicle is the Oldsmobile Intrigue cylinder head gasket. The cylinder head gasket is mounted in between an internal-combustion motor vehicle's cylinder heads and the engine block. For a number of important grounds, this gasket grants you with the most fundamental sealing application in the engine of your Oldsmobile Intrigue.

The Oldsmobile Intrigue cylinder head gasket is there to assure that your cylinders are working with optimum compression; further, it stops the leakage of engine oil, coolant and water, and also other such dangerous substances in to the cylinders. Should coolant and water be allowed to seep or leak in to the cylinders of your Oldsmobile Intrigue, steam shall be produced by the exhaust, leading to possibly irrevocable damages to the catalytic converter along with the cylinders themselves. If ever the cylinder head gasket is weakened, compression will be compromised, resulting in the engine to suffer from lowered capacity and run quite roughly. This could even result in the engine overheating, which, if left uncontrolled, will basically result in total and complete engine collapse.

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