It's unquestionable, the Buick Regal cylinder head gasket certainly is the most important gasket that's installed on your car. Exactly in the connection between your motorcar's cylinder heads and engine block, you can locate the cylinder head gasket. For various important grounds, this gasket affords you with the most essential sealing application on the internal-combustion engine of your own Buick Regal.

The Buick Regal cylinder head gasket is there to ensure that your cylinders are functioning on maximum compression; in addition, it prevents the leakage of engine oil, coolant and water, and other such unfamiliar substances into your cylinders. Irreparable and permanent damages could appear in the cylinders and also other areas such as the catalytic converter, that is, if the coolant mixture leaks into the cylinders on the engine of your Buick Regal. If your cylinder head gasket is defective, compression may just be compromised, resulting in the engine to lose strength and run rather roughly. This will likely even trigger overheating, which, if left unchecked, will invariably be responsible for total and complete engine malfunction.

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