Car Cylinder Head Gaskets

Increasing the compression efficiency among cylinder heads results in much improved efficiency in fuel combustion. For that reason, cylinder head gaskets are included in the engine specifications of your vehicle for much improved performance. The cylinder head gasket is without a doubt one of the most important sealing components in any vehicle. It keeps the cylinders as compressed as possible to ensure proper engine performance and prevents the various fluids that work around the engine to get inside the cylinders and contaminate the air-fuel mixture. A busted head gasket means trouble for your engine and your car as a whole, so you'd better get a replacement installed as soon as you can.

The car cylinder head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinder heads. When there's maximum compression in the cylinders, fuel wastage is lessened while the engine gets increased torque and horsepower. To compensate for the extreme heat and pressure within internal combustion engine, manufacturers use non-stick coating materials like Teflon to finish the head gaskets so that they will last long and perform well.

Many types of cylinder head gaskets are available in the market. The most common of these include MLS, Solid Copper, and Composite gaskets. MLS stands for multiple layers steel, as this type of gasket is made up of three layers of steel. The solid copper gaskets are made from solid copper sheet machined specifically for durability and maximum compression. The composite gaskets are usually made of asbestos or graphite and are currently not in use that much, as they can be prone to blowing out and pose a health risk because of the materials used to make them.

If you've got a blown or worn-out car cylinder head gasket, you might want to replace it right away to avoid risking damage to some parts of your engine. This is especially true if you've got aluminum gaskets, since they can be at greater risk of blowing out, thanks to a higher thermal expansion rate. Good thing there is a wide assortment of replacement options available, and you can rest assured that the manufacturers have done everything to make each gasket of the utmost quality. These direct-fit options are designed to provide a hassle-free installation process. Once your new head gasket's installed, you'll be able to enjoy the kind of engine performance that is possible with a fresh gasket.

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