Car Cylinder Head Bolt Sets

Your car's engine can be divided into two major sections-the engine block and the cylinder head. Between these sections sits the head gasket, which prevents oil and coolant from leaking into the engine's cylinders. Cylinder head bolts play a big role in helping the gasket do its job. Apart from holding the block and cylinder head together, these bolts also help preserve the head gasket. Your car's engine constantly exerts up to about 40,000 lbs. of force at full throttle, which is why a durable cylinder head bolt set is crucial to the engine's performance.

Each head bolt bears a part of the engine's total torque production. The more bolts, the less force that needs to be exerted by each bolt to hold the engine together. This is where a head bolt's yield point comes into play. The yield point is the maximum amount of force a head bolt can exert before it is stretched permanently. Although head bolts can stretch and still return to their original length, the bolts can be permanently damaged when stretched past their yield points. When buying a car cylinder head bolt set, don't forget to take note of each bolt's rated yield point.

It's important to secure the head bolts to the cylinders properly. Engineers discovered that reducing the thread friction of each head bolt increases the clamping force it exerts on the cylinder head. That's why it's highly recommended that you lubricate the head bolts with regular engine oil before installation. Additionally, remember that the reading on your torque wrench is not equal to the clamping force exerted by each cylinder head bolt. Rather, the reading reflects the amount of twisting force your arm is exerting.

If you seek a reliable car cylinder head bolt set, you can always browse online to find a suitable choice. There are numerous direct-fit OE replacement bolt sets available from top-ranked manufacturers, so the only thing left is for you is to select the best one that will fit your ride's engine. You should also check whether the set you're eyeing has torque-to-yield (TTY) head bolts. The advantage TTY head bolts have over regular head bolts is their even clamping force. They're less prone to torque-reading errors, which helps ensure head gasket durability.

It's always best to get a new cylinder head bolt set once your car's stock head bolts have already surpassed their yield point. Once permanently stretched, head bolts won't have the same clamping force. To get one for your ride, you can always browse through our wide range of auto parts and accessories here at Parts Train. We stock hundreds of thousands of products from some of the most recognized brands in the industry, including those that manufacture top-quality cylinder head bolt sets that are suitable replacements for their stock counterparts.