Car Cylinder Heads

One of the major services you can do to your engine is servicing the cylinder head. This is the part where the poppet valves and spark plugs are located. It usually sits on top of the block and sometimes, depending on the make and model, may include part of the combustion chamber. On most application, this is termed as simply the 'head'. Different designs of cylinder heads lead to various styles of cylinder heads for automobiles. A flathead engine, for example, has a head that is literally flat. This plate bolted on the topmost of the cylinder requires a convoluted path for air to flow. This resulted to overhead valve (OHV) head design and finally, overhead camshaft (OHC) designs. These days, more efficient double overhead camshaft head designs are already available. Whatever cylinder head you are looking for, we definitely have them in store! Here at PartsTrain, we value your time and effort so we make sure that all your auto needs are not only available in stock but also categorized according to make and model. That way, your search is narrowed and your time is saved. For fast acquisition, we also prepared online order forms for you to fill up and submit online. So shop now!