Car Cruise Control Levers

The cruise control feature of your vehicle lets you drive long stretches minus the tiring effort, simply by maintaining your speed at a preset level so that you have one less thing to worry about. Aside from controlling the speed of your ride, the cruise control also offers several safety features. For instance, it can't be activated if you go less than 25 mph. Also, it automatically deactivates when you step on the brakes. Because of these, it's an indispensable feature of modern vehicles. However, in order to easily toggle this feature on or off, you need to make sure your ride's cruise control lever is always in top condition.

The cruise control lever usually has several buttons: on, off, set/accel, coast, and resume. The on button sends a signal to the engine control system telling it that you're about to push another button. Pressing the off button, on the other hand, deactivates the system. The set/accel button does the brunt of the work, as it tells the vehicle to maintain its current speed. For instance, once you set the speed at 55 mph, the vehicle will maintain that speed until you change it. And if you press the set/accel button on your car cruise control lever, your car will accelerate. But if you tap it once, it will speed up by 1 mph. The resume button, on the other hand, returns your speed back to the set limit after you lower it by hitting the brake pedal. Lastly, the coast button decelerates your speed. Just like the set/accel button, tapping it once will cause your ride to slow down by 1 mph.

With a functioning car cruise control lever, there's no need for you to glance at the speedometer all the time to monitor your vehicle's speed or fumble through some complicated controls and remotes just to toggle the feature on or off. And since the system helps you maintain a steady speed, you enhance your vehicle's fuel efficiency as well. Unfortunately, you will have to replace a worn-out or damaged lever once it starts failing.

There's no need to fret, however-you can always order a replacement among a wide range of cruise control levers available off the market. These are made from tough materials, so you'll get long service life out of each one. With direct-fit designs, these replacements will be quite easy to install. Plus, they are usually backed by the manufacturer's limited warranty to give you some added security for your purchase.

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