Defined, a crossmember is a structural component that connects two sides of another structural component. Try to look closely at a picture frame in your home, examine it and you would surely find a support that connects the two opposite corners of the frame that makes it more rigid and be less wiggly. Those supports are called crossmembers. Now, take a look at your car. Do you see that structural component that bolts between the frame rails or attaches to the sub-frame of the unibody? That is your car's crossmember.

Like the crossmembers on the frames in your home, your Mazda crossmember also serves an important function, and that is to provide you a comfortable and worry-free ride. A crossmember, or sometimes called as chassis crossmember is a heavy, lengthy, huge piece of sheet metal beam that is curved into a convoluted channel figure that goes through under the vehicles oil pan and hooks up both sides of the vehicle's chassis to keep the transmission firmly secured at the end, right where the drive shaft begins.

The crossmember is also called transmission crossmember, gearbox crossmember or chassis crossmember. No matter what their name is, the important thing is that it serves its job well. But how can your Mazda crossmember perform its purpose effectively if it's corroded and would break any time? Corrosion is the number one reason for faulty crossmembers, so it's recommended that you have your Mazda crossmember checked regularly for you to be sure that is free from corrosive elements that would cause severe damage. The position of your Mazda crossmember is also very important because it affects camber, caster and setback, so make sure also that it's always in proper place.

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