Having a vehicle like a Jeep Liberty gives you a pleasing life of having all the chance to go in any place you want. This great vehicle makes our lives better no matter what challenges on the road you may have. This is because this Jeep model is designed to run on any type of terrain as every part it is composed of is purposely engineered with maximized function and efficiency. One of the best examples is the crossmember. This auto part is one of the most significant stuff considering the nature of the Jeep Liberty as an all-terrain vehicle. The crossmember is designed to offer enough ground clearance that helps you to attain great driving control most especially when the vehicle is into exigent trails. This stuff is a stock transfer component that protects the transfer case from bumps and heavy road impediments that usually abuses the vehicle function and efficiency.

Since the Jeep Liberty is built as an all-terrain vehicle, it is expected to employ a crossmember that is durable and well-fitted to respond to the desired ground clearance. This ground-clearance is basically the measurement involving the ground and lowest hanging point under the vehicle. With the Jeep having a higher ground clearance, it will be easy to run on those hard terrains like going to rocky hills, severe snow, or muddy ground. You can even expect the numerous auto components located at the underbody of the vehicle not to get damaged. Aside from that, the crossmember can also aid to keep the transmission well secured where the drive shaft will be kept untouched.

Basically, the crossmember is a long and huge metal beam that bends into the convoluted channel shape of the vehicle that is linked to the oil pan and on certain sides of the chassis together. It is also called as chassis crossmember, transmission crossmember, or gearbox crossmember. Such auto component is employed on the vehicle for a lot of reasons. Aside from being a reinforcement to the chassis in which it helps to counter the cantilever effect if the sidewall weight, it is also known to contribute on the protection of the transmission at the end where the drive shaft is located, the engine via the engine mount, and also on assisting the return air ducting as well as on carrying the lower control arm for the front wheel. Some of the its parts are removable making it easy for you to replace them with new ones although there are some crossmembers that are already part of the body shell which makes it permanent and irremovable.

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