The word crossmember may seem unfamiliar to some of us. But most car owners and enthusiasts know that it will not be possible for their vehicle to stand on its own without a crossmember.

Tagged as transmission crossmember, chassis crossmember or gearbox crossmember, this component, though usually unseen, does a very significant job in your vehicle. A crossmemebr is typically a long, heavy gauge piece of metal that's bent or curved to a convoluted channel shape. It passes under the oil pan of the vehicle and is responsible for connecting either side of the vehicle's chassis together.

Just like the crossmembers for other vehicles, Honda crossmember is installed into the bottom of the chassis and keeps the vehicle's transmission tightly secured at the point where the drive shaft begins. Crossmembers are removable on some cars. This type of crossmembers lets you replace them with customized or replacement crossmember the moment you want or you need to. However, on some vehicles, crossmember is employed as a significant component of the body shell and thus, fixed and can't be removed.

Today, there are various types of crossmembers which you can use if you want to replace your stock crossmember. But before setting your hands in a custom or replacement crossmember, know first its specifications. Some crossmembers come in tubular form while some are in the form of heavy gauge piece of sheetmetal. Moreover, vehicle crossmembers are also grouped and named according to their design such as X members, K members, tubular members and many others.

Honda crossmembers are employed in Honda vehicles for many reasons. They are primarily infused to strengthen the chassis and to help in opposing the cantilever effect of the sidewall weight. Also, Honda crossmembers anchor the lower control arms for the front wheel, help hold up the return air ducting and support the engine by means of the engine mounts. The widest and finest array of Honda crossmembers is available here at Parts Train. This your one-stop online auto-part shop offering top quality Honda crossmembers that will surely fit your application. The Honda crossmembers at Parts Train are available at their 24/7 online shop anytime you need