Every car owner feels the thrill and excitement of driving whenever they take and dash off along the road. However, some drivers find it more challenging when they go off-roading. The more rugged and harsher the terrain would be, the more fun they get. In these trips, only durable and quality vehicles are expected to deliver. Dodge automobiles are known to be among the top contenders when it comes to tough driving and adventures. But do you know what makes Dodge vehicles perfect for off-roading? It's the Dodge crossmember. Since car owners are more into vehicle performance, body restyling and driving functionality, some parts although as essential like the crossmember are left unnoticed.

A crossmember, or sometimes called as chassis crossmember is a heavy, lengthy, huge piece of sheet metal beam that is curved into a convoluted channel figure that goes through under the vehicles oil pan and hooks up both sides of the vehicle's chassis as one. It is to be found onto the chassis' underneath for the purpose of keeping the transmission firmly secured at the end, right where the drive shaft begins. Crossmembers are designed to provide greater ground clearance to achieve controlled and smooth driving especially when going through hard and extreme trails.

On the other hand, a stock transfer case crossmember secures and protect the transfer case against bumps and heavy road obstructions that can abuse its efficiency and function. Some cars are equipped with removable crossmember for easy replacement with custom or replacement crossmember, while other cars feature a steady crossmember, forming part of the body shell.

In some places, crossmembers are being identified as transmission crossmember, gearbox crossmember or chassis crossmember. Whichever name it may be called, the only important thing is that it must be made up of tough quality materials and be durable enough to fortify the rigidity and stiffness of the chassis in taking on the strain and load of the vehicle's entire body assembly especially when venturing on an off-road escapade. Finding the perfect crossmember for your vehicle is never hard, especially with today's technology. An online auto parts store like the Parts Train is the best source of quality crossmembers. We offer a wide array of automotive products including crossmembers.