Car Crossmembers

When sizing up a vehicle, prospective buyers and onlookers would be more likely to look at the things that can be seen easily and the specifications that summarize the full spectrum of the car's performance. This usually includes the various body parts, the engine, the transmission, and the interior amenities. Seldom, however, would anybody give a second thought about the rigidity of the vehicles chassis and other supporting parts. One such oft-overlooked supporting component is the crossmember.

Crossmembers are long and large beams of metal, usually bent into a convoluted channel shape, that pass under the vehicle's oil pan and connect either side of the vehicle's chassis together. They are there to provide support for your engine or your ride's transmission components. They aid in ensuring smooth suspension system operation, guarantee proper handling, and help keep your ride aligned. Some vehicle crossmembers are removable, allowing you to replace them with a custom or replacement car crossmember whenever you want or need to. On other vehicles, however, crossmembers are part of the body shell and thus can't be removed quite so easily.

There are many types of crossmembers used in different vehicles today, so if you've got a failed transmission crossmember on your vehicle and you need to replace it, better know its specifications first before attempting any replacement. Some crossmembers take the form of a heavy-gauge piece of sheet metal, while others come in tubular form. Furthermore, crossmembers can also be classified according to their designs and named accordingly. Using this classification method, crossmembers may be called K members, X members, tubular X members, and other such designations.

Getting a replacement car crossmember shouldn't be such a chore. Good thing you can easily find reliable options here. We stock individual crossmembers as well as one-arm sets for your convenience. Whether you need one that can replace the failed stock component at the front or rear or lower parts of your ride, you'll find it here. These are direct-fit OE-style parts that will allow you to coast through the installation process without much hassle. Replacements are made from sturdy materials to ensure that they can handle the loads that are applied to it while resisting twisting.

While the crossmember may not be easily noticeable because of its position, it is nonetheless a very important component for your vehicle. So if the one on your vehicle is already beginning to deteriorate, you'd better find a replacement immediately. We guarantee that you'll find a wide selection of rigid and high-quality crossmembers for practically all vehicle makes and models right here. Our products are sourced from top manufacturers and come with low, low prices to guarantee that you'll always get the best deals should you decide to shop with us.