The crankshaft seal of your Volvo 245 prevents the entry of grime and other damaging elements from the crank that is connected to the flywheel. The Volvo 245 crankshaft seal stores some oil to reduce harsh contact between parts while removing contaminants. The crankshaft could not perform at its best if its crank seal suddenly starts to crack and bleed with fluid.

The crankshaft seal of your Volvo 245 might tear apart at some point due to the severe situation inside the engine block, subjecting it to high temperatures and damaging properties. Remember to look at the Volvo 245 crankshaft seal often to see if it's still in good condition. When you notice a puddle of leaks somewhere in the crankshaft, you may have to get rid of the stock crankshaft seal. For your own good, use a tough seal that is suits your Volvo 245 to assure you of great condition.

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