The crankshaft seal of your Subaru wards off harmful particles like gunk from seeping inside the crank shaft, a car engine unit that's linked to the flywheel and powers up the gearbox to operate the wheels. The Subaru crankshaft seal has some lubricating fluid to reduce chaffing whilst taking away unwanted elements. You should not drive with a torn sealing application, considering that this can affect the easy performance of the crank shaft.

The crankshaft seal of your Subaru might crack at some point considering the the tough environment under the hood, subjecting the seal to heat and damaging substances. Car enthusiasts recommend inspecting the Subaru crankshaft seal regularly too look for any sign of leaking problems, when the seal has met a specified number of miles. Should you see a trace of oil somewhere in the crankshaft, you will have to get rid of the worn crankshaft seal. For your own good, look for a tough seal that's a direct fit to your Subaru to assure you of great condition.

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