The crankshaft seal of your Nissan prevents the entry of grime and many other contaminants from the crankshaft that is attached to the flywheel. The Nissan crankshaft seal holds some lubricating fluid to minimize friction while flushing out damaging-causing elements. The crank shaft can't perform at its peak if its seal starts to get loose and bleed with fluid.

The crankshaft seal of your Nissan would wear out at some point due to the tough condition in the engine, subjecting this component to high temperatures and unwanted elements. It's best to examine the Nissan crankshaft seal often to see if this part is still in good condition. Should you see a trail of leaks somewhere in the crankshaft, you might have to replace the torn crankshaft seal. For your own convenience, grab a sturdy OE replacement, which is suits your Nissan to assure you of great condition.

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