The crankshaft seal of your Jaguar wards off dirt and several other contaminants from the crankshaft that's linked to the flywheel. The Jaguar crankshaft seal keeps grease, which is used for getting rid of contaminants and minimizing rubbing among moving parts. You should not risk having a damaged sealing application because this will have a bearing on the efficient operation of the crank shaft.

Although the crankshaft seal of your Jaguar is meant to endure the stressful condition in the engine block, exposure to extreme heat and grease may definitely bring about wear and tear. Mechanics advise inspecting the Jaguar crankshaft seal regularly to see any trace of leaking problems, especially if it has reached a specified number of miles. Puddle of lubricant that drips from the crank could indicate that the crankshaft seal requires a replacement. The stock replacement should be made of high-grade components and be a custom fit for your Jaguar to certify maximum reliability.

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