The crankshaft seal of your Isuzu fends off harsh elements such as dirt from creeping into the crankshaft, an automotive engine component that's connected to the flywheel and turns on the gearbox to run the wheels. The Isuzu crankshaft seal has some oil to reduce chaffing apart from removing unwanted elements. You shouldn't drive with a damaged seal, considering that this would impact the smooth operation of the crank.

The crankshaft seal of your Isuzu would wear out after some time because of the harsh situation in the engine, subjecting the seal to high temperatures and damaging properties. You'd better look at the Isuzu crankshaft seal from time to time to find out if the seal still in great shape. Trail of lubricant that drips from the crank could mean that the crankshaft seal needs a swap. For your own comfort, grab a durable seal that's compatible with your Isuzu to guarantee great quality.

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