The crankshaft seal of your Geo prevents the entry of dirt and many other damaging elements from the crank shaft that's attached to the flywheel. The Geo crankshaft seal stores some lubricating fluid to ease harsh contact between parts apart from flushing out contaminants. You shouldn't drive with a damaged sealing application since this may affect the easy operation of the crankshaft.

The crankshaft seal of your Geo can come apart after some time because of the tough condition in the engine, subjecting this component to high temperatures and damaging properties. Mechanics recommend checking the Geo crankshaft seal from time to time for any sign of leaks, especially if this part has been used for a specified mileage point. If ever you find a puddle of leaks from the crankshaft, you'll have to change the worn crankshaft seal. The new seal should be built from high-grade raw materials and be a snug fit for your Geo to ensure maximum strength.

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