Car Crankshaft Seals

A number of vacuum, hydraulic, and metal linkage mechanisms work to make your vehicle go forward. One of the components that facilitate seamless transmission and conversion of rotary into linear motion is your crankshaft or crank. It is the part of your engine that connects the flywheel and the torsional or vibrational damper at the opposite end to allow the mechanisms to move fast enough. To keep the all-important crankshaft protected, there is the crankshaft seal that prevents contaminants from entering and causing damage to the mechanism.

The main function of this particular seal is to pack the grease or lubricant to the crankshaft to minimize friction, which hampers smooth operation. Aside from that, the lubricant also flushes out contaminants. That's why the car crankshaft seal must be regularly checked for leaks or wear after reaching a certain amount of mileage. It is pressed against the engine block or carrier that presses the oil pump cover to the adapter plate by a special aluminum sealant. Once you notice a trail of oil under the crankshaft damper, you'll need to install a fresh set of high-quality seals in place of the damaged ones.

Applications for crank seals include medium to heavy diesel highway trucks and heavy-duty vehicles that require greater support to allow for a seamless transmission against the tremendous weight or load. High-performance race cars may also need seal upgrades for improved transmission performance especially under great acceleration. Having adequate crankshaft seals translates to improvement in terms of handling, not to mention quicker engine response when steering. These seals also help prolong the service life of your ride's precious crankshaft components.

To ensure the longevity and reliability of each replacement car crankshaft seal, manufacturers always impose the strictest standards and run their products through a battery of tests. As the seals are constantly subjected to extreme heat and exposed to various types of engine fluids or lubricants, they need to be crafted from high-grade and durable materials to make sure that the harsh working environment won't hamper the seals' functions. Although original factory seals are crafted to last, they will eventually have to be replaced due to wear and tear. Don't worry-some aftermarket options offer low-friction operation, excellent vacuum retention, and spring-loaded Teflon tips on top of OE-style fit and quality along with performance on par with the original seals.

Make sure that transmission failure will not ruin your drive. If you need a new crankshaft seal set for your vehicle, Parts Train is a reliable source of top-of-the-line options supplied by some well-known brands that have proven themselves in the industry. What's more, they are all available at the lowest prices on the market. With a new set of seals at your disposal, your transmission system will be able to function at its peak at all times.