The crankshaft pulley of your Volvo Xc90 helps run many car engine partsthat happen to be attached to this crankshaft part through one or more belts. Vehicle parts that are hooked up to the Volvo Xc90 crankshaft pulley work at the same time with the rotating crank shaft. The included dampener of this crankshaft part minimizes oscillations produced by the crank shaft, providing reinforced strength along with utmost efficiency.

Sadly, the belt could slide or even break because of friction, or the crankshaft pulley of your Volvo Xc90 alone might get damaged when in contact with damage-causing substances. If any of the belts cracks or perhaps the Volvo Xc90 crankshaft pulley all of a sudden does not work, you'll be dealing with a serious trouble; the alternator that enables the ignition plugs, car battery, and distributor unit to function thru electricity may discontinue working, together with other parts, for example, the air-conditioner pump. Replacements for a crankshaft pulley are widely available—just be certain that these are hard-wearing as well as compatible with your Volvo Xc90 for great performance.

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