Car Crankshaft Pulley

Crankshaft pulley failure is more serious than most car owners can imagine. To really understand how bad the problem is, you have to know what this pulley does. It provides power to the rest of the accessory systems running under your car's hood: alternator, power steering, radiator fan, and water pump. Imagine all these systems failing at the same time. Your battery will drain away, steering is going to be heavy, and your poor engine will overheat. Surely you don't want that to happen, do you?

So now you're wondering what happens to a car crankshaft pulley when it fails. Crank pulleys are usually made up of an outer ring and a central hub, with a rubber mold in between. It's this mold, also called the harmonic balancer that absorbs vibrations and prevents the pulley from humming loudly. But just like anything made of rubber, the pulley hardens and becomes brittle over time until it starts cracking and crumbling. Once it deteriorates, the outer ring will slip in relation to the hub. After that, you'll lose the function from the said accessory systems on your ride.

When the crank pulley on your ride fails, it's time you ordered a new one to replace it. It's a piece of cake to find a quality direct-fit replacement car crankshaft pulley off the online market. These options are commonly manufactured from durable metals such as aluminum and steel, so you can definitely count on each one to provide a good many years of service. Additionally, many of the available pulley replacements also come finished in a variety of materials, including chrome, for additional protection and some added gleam to your ride's collection of internal components.

Of course, don't forget to check for the correct part number to ensure total compatibility. You might also want to consider getting a fresh crankshaft pulley bolt to ensure that the new pulley is mounted properly. You don't want the new pulley falling off and getting damaged right after installing it, right? With your new crank pulley in place, you can enjoy uninterrupted functionality from your accessory systems.

Avoid having non-functional accessory components on your vehicle by keeping the crankshaft pulley in excellent condition and replacing it immediately after you see the stock pulley is no longer able to perform its function. You'll find an ample number of options right here at Parts Train, all guaranteed to be of high quality. The auto parts and accessories in our catalog are manufactured by brands that are recognized and trusted by industry experts and DIY enthusiasts, so you never have to worry about a thing. Plus, our prices are the lowest in the market. Affordable and reliable car parts? They're all available here.