The crankshaft position sensor of your Mitsubishi transmits info to the engine control unit regarding engine speed and the firing order of the cylinders so that essential adjustments could be done for trouble-free ignition. Working together with many other sensors such as the manifold pressure absolute sensor, the Mitsubishi crankshaft position sensor is key to streamlined car performance.

Boiling hot cooling fluid, lubricant, and many other engine solutions can damage the crankshaft position sensor of your Mitsubishi. The CEL may blink and alert you that you've got a ruined crankshaft position sensor, maybe caused by worn electrical attachments or severed circuit board. Once this engine speed sensor fails, be ready for a good number of motor vehicle issues such as difficulty in case of cranking up the car engine, unstable idling, misfires, and poor acceleration. You need not to get stuck with the malfunctioning crankshaft position sensor of your Mitsubishi and have problems with lackluster motor vehicle efficiency. Seek for a high-quality sensor replacement, which is uniquely built for your Mitsubishi.

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