The crankshaft position sensor of your Cadillac monitors engine speed rate and the firing order of combustion cylinders—the data is actually reported to the engine computer to help make corrections toward proper ignition timing. Working with several other sensors just like the throttle position sensor, the Cadillac crankshaft position sensor is key to consistent automotive engine performance.

Super hot engine coolant, lubricant, and other car engine liquids would damage the crankshaft position sensor of your Cadillac. A flickering Check Engine Light will alert you of a malfunctioning crankshaft position sensor, which may be attributed to damaged worn circuits and broken electrical attachments. If this engine speed sensor wears out, brace yourself for many vehicle issues just like difficulty when cranking up the car engine, rough idling, cylinder misfires, and awful acceleration. Put an end to your car's poor operation—check and repair the malfunctioning crankshaft position sensor of your Cadillac. Invest in a high-quality stock replacement that matches the technical specs of your Cadillac.

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