The ECU is able to ignite the correct engine cylinder according to the position of the crank shaft, thanks to the alerts from the crank position sensor of your Ford F-250. Using the Ford F-250 crank position sensor, the automotive engine's revolutions is determined to guarantee accurate selection of gear. Taking into account the valuable signals the CPK offers to the engine computer, a defective ESS would definitely cause problems concerning transmission and ignition, causing poor automobile performance.

In case cylinders misfire, there may be a fine grounds for you to think that the crank position sensor of your Ford F-250 can be faulty-quite possibly, this unit didn't deliver the needed alerts about the location of the piston. Vehicle engine hesitation is one of the symptoms of a malfunctioning Ford F-250 crank position sensor that wasn't able to provide the alerts in perfect timing to ignite the suitable automotive engine cylinder. Once the crank position sensor fails, fitful crank-ups or no-start instances might be the result-the CEL will surely flash, as the PCM displays a fault engine code. Use a high-grade sensor replacement to restore the optimum functionality of your Ford F-250.

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