Car Cowl Hoods

A car's cowl hood works just like an airplane's wing. Remember Bernoulli's Principle? It states that fluids flowing at high speeds do so in decreased pressure. That's why airplane wings are curved on top to make airflow faster, thus reducing pressure above the wing and lifting it. A cowl, on the other hand, has cool air flowing above it and pulls the air into the engine bay via induction vents behind the cowl. Thus, cool air is fed into the engine, helping the engine burn the air-fuel mixture more thoroughly.

A car cowl hood commonly features a certain number of air scoops that act as additional intakes for air that goes over its aerodynamic surface. These hood scoops can be incorporated into recesses in the cowl, or they can also protrude out of the cowl. With access to more air, the car's onboard computer will be able to fine-tune your air-fuel mixture and provide your car with as efficient a combustion process as possible. Each cowl is usually made from steel to provide long-lasting service and options come with a wide range of finishes to suit a variety of preferences or personal styles.

On top of feeding your engine with more air for better combustion, a car cowl hood is also an excellent accessory. Since there are various hood cowl designs available on the market, you'll be able to customize your ride to fit your vision of what it should look like. It's the ultimate canvas for your automotive expression-it sits right at the front of your car, so onlookers and passersby will be able to see it right as you approach.

Installing cowl hoods shouldn't be too difficult, especially since a lot of options out there simply make use of your car's stock hinges and latches. There are also manufacturers that really make it a point to make the new cowls based on the specifications of particular vehicle makes and models. That's why all you have to do is find a compatible one for your ride and you're all set. If you're not sure about your ride's hood specs, consult your manual.

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