Automobile lights are safety standard features of every car. They can give the driver the visibility he needs to see the road ahead. It can also make your vehicle visible for others especially during low visibility situations. At times, it serves as signaling devices that can alert other vehicle as well as pedestrians of the action or operation you will take. There are lights that serve a dual function of serving as illumination and as a signal. One of these is the cornering light, sometimes called the front side marker lights. Mounted in the front corners of your car, it is usually beside the headlight. It can also be found on the side of the fender or integrated on a wrap around bumper. Corner lights are sometimes meshed with the vehicle's turn signals to warn other vehicles that you are cornering. Some people think that the cornering lights are not that important because you need not warn the vehicles in front of you of your intention of cornering. But, if safety for yourself and for other vehicles is an important aspect for you then it is important to install a cornering light. Because you can also turn these lights on when your car is idling so you can be seen even in a dark place. The position of the corner lights makes them vulnerable to bumps and cracks. Finding a replacement is easy when you know what to look for. There are different kinds of corner lights with different designs and materials. You just have to find the corner light that will perfectly fit your car. Corner lights can be plain running lights or reflectors. Whether the corner lights are safety features or styling accessories, our online auto parts store have all kinds you can choose from. Simply browse our online catalog and you can find a high performance and quality Ford corner lights and other automobile lights for your car.