The Eagle is one of the roomiest cars ever built by Chrysler. It was introduced as American Motors Corporation before it was bought by Iacoca and renamed Eagle. One of the things you can easily notice with Eagle cars is their automobile light system. The lighting system is comprised of all the lights in front and in the rear. The lights function either to illuminate or as a signal light, it also adds or enhances your car with the latest styles and designs. The corner lights are mounted on the front corners of the car, usually beside the headlight, on the fender side and at times it is integrated on the wrap-around bumper. Sometimes, it is called the front side marker lights. Its task is to warn other drivers and other vehicles of your intention of cornering. Some drivers consider this light unnecessary because there is a turn signal light that is signaling the turn. But still these corner lights can still prove their worth as a safety precaution. Some corner lights are plain running lights while others are reflectors. These are the types of lights that can only enhance the looks of your car. There are now custom-made corner lights designed to replace your stock corner lights. These are the ones that have different designs that provide innovative looks to the old traditional yellow reflector. Most of these are the clear corner lights. Corner lights are not immune to damage or cracks. Whether you want to order an Eagle Cornering Light to replace the stock that you have or you want to get yourself the clear corner lamps, its easy to do in our one-stop online auto parts store. All our lights are made using the latest sophisticated technology to ensure the best quality corner lights that will fit your car. You can call us anytime to place your order or ask for more information, we will be happy to assist you.