Even if automotive light units, like the corner light, tend to be used as stylish accents that can enhance the overall form of the Volvo 850, the set usually does a lot more than prettify the vehicle; this functions as the central safety components whenever driving during low-visibility situations. The Volvo 850 corner light fortifies the initial safety operation supplied by all the other light systems, such as your front lights and end lights, because it increases the car's visibility along the edges.

Adding an efficient corner light will greatly protect you and safeguard your car from extreme breakdown particularly once it is hit along the edges when you're steering along poorly lit streets during the night; this set helps other motorists see your Volvo 850 even at slanted and strange sides as the corners emit a solid ray separate from your headlights. The corner light is often secured with a strong pair of plastic lenses that can throw off the illumination a significant range in order to prevent confusion among other drivers.

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