Car Cooling Hoses

The Coolant Hose controls the flow of the coolant to the radiator and after time, heat and contamination, the Coolant Hose will eventually fail. The Coolant Hose is made of a highly flexible rubber compound that has a high resistance to heat and oil.

Some Coolant Hoses are a single hose, and others especially on todays cars and trucks are a molded design that may have two or more hoses coming from the single main Coolant Hose. These molded hoses are used to direct coolant to the heater, expansion tank, or other the turbo charger. These types of Coolant Hoses should only be replaced with the factory OE Coolant Hoses. Parts Train carries the OE and genuine molded types of hoses at discounted priced. Signs of a Coolant Hose beginning to fail, is cracking, and the obvious a leaking Coolant Hose.

If your Coolant Hose shows signs of wear from cracking, you need to replace the hose immediately. If this is the case it is good practice to replace all the hoses in your engine. One easy way to tell if the hose is becoming brittle and need to be replaced is to, (engine cold, so you dont burn your hands) simply squeeze the Coolant Hose. The hose should be pliable and not show cracks when squeezed. If you are not sure when the Coolant Hoses were last changed? Change them now! Better safe than sorry, we recommend changing all your Coolant Hoses every 5 years.