It's just a very small part made to constantly monitor the antifreeze temp in your Volvo S80; however, the coolant temperature sensor is in fact a vital item that operates alongside various other assemblies in your vehicle. The gas delivery unit, the motor cooling fan, plus the emission system are only some of the devices whose performance considerably depends on the information given by the Volvo S80 coolant temperature sensor.

Each time you start any automobile and run its powerplant, too much heat is produced - good thing you have the antifreeze to collect this heat energy in order to be properly removed. Coolant temperature sensors are designed to monitor the coolant temperature, delivering the final information to the powertrain control module, the component which manages the job of various assemblies in your Volvo S80. The power control unit hinges its operation on the reading which the coolant temperature sensor provides - i.e. the part produces a rich mixture in instances of engine cranking in cold weathers and drives the engine fan whenever the coolant heat level escalates. Accuracy is essential with regards to the operation of the coolant temp sensor, so it's extremely essential that you mount a dependable sensing unit that's capable of offering you exact and appropriate info at all times for you to prevent problems in your engine.

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